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by Steve Watson in March 2023
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How can a small, independent magazine possibly hope to make a difference to the massive, global problems of climate change and environmental degradation? That was the question we started with at last month’s event on Reporting the Climate Crisis, with Martha Dillon from It’s Freezing in LA! and David Reeve and Luciane Pisani from Where the Leaves Fall.

Take a look at the video below to see them speaking about how and why they do what they do, covering a wide range of subjects, from how they select their stories, through to how they ensure their magazines are produced as sustainably as possible. They’re both small, independent magazines, and they’re also both growing – I said at the start of the night that the point of the evening wasn’t to provide hope or optimism, but by the end that’s definitely how I felt about what they’re doing.

Our last event in this series was scheduled to take place tomorrow (Wednesday 15th March), but there will be a tube strike all day in London so we’re having to move the talks to Tuesday 4th April instead. That means there’s still time to book tickets, so if you want to come to an inspiring night of magazine creativity, book your place and I’ll see you there.



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