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by Steve Watson in December 2023
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A couple of weeks ago I travelled across London to the Bargehouse exhibition space at the Oxo Tower, to take part in the Shifting Landscapes event organised by Emergence magazine. The gallery is housed in the old Oxo factory, and it’s full of big, dark, industrial spaces that Emergence turned into a series of immersive environments telling stories about our relationship with the natural world.

Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, executive editor of Emergence, has been on the Stack podcast before. I spoke to him in November 2019 about his work making Emergence as a big, beautiful magazine that serves as a meeting place for stories about climate, environment, spirituality and humanity. But this conversation goes broader than that, because as well as the print magazine, Emergence is also a series of podcasts, it makes films, and it curates immersive exhibitions like Shifting Landscapes. I sat down with him and designers Bram Broerse and Maurits Wouters from Studio Airport, to find out how all these different stories fit together across the various different media.

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