Bringing the Erotic Review back into print

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by Steve Watson in May 2024
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Erotic Literature

Lucy Roeber is editor and publisher of the Erotic Review, a magazine that became particularly well known as a bimonthly title in the late 90s and early 2000s. It had since switched to publishing online and it was going to close altogether, and in this episode of the Stack podcast, she explains how she set out to bring it back as a fully-fledged print magazine.

In her hands it has become a lovely, thick literary magazine, aimed at an international readership and dedicated to reaching, “outside the embarrassed parameter”, to explore the rich subject of desire. Her first issue is presented as issue one, and it’s an incredibly confident and accomplished launch. It’s also part of a trend at the moment for magazines that have been brought back into print, publishing at a slower tempo and aiming to provide readers with something they’ll want to put on their shelves and keep for a long time.

I hope you’ll enjoy my conversation with Lucy, and we have hundreds of other episodes in our archive, all digging into the first-hand experiences of independent publishers. And if you follow us wherever you get your podcasts, we’ll be able to deliver our new episodes to you as soon as they’re ready.

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