Mags with Airmiles

by Steve Watson in January 2013
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Boat magazine in Athens

This afternoon I started doing some research into travel magazines for a talk I’m giving in a few weeks, and I’m amazed by the sheer number of independent titles out there.

Of course I knew all about Boat and We Are Here because they’re both Stack titles. They’re also united by a similar approach – both of them kick back against the stereotypes of a city by focusing on the people who live there and telling the stories of their lives. (The image above forms the cover of the Athens issue of Boat, and does a fantastic job of communicating the magazine’s sense of locality and community).

I’m also familiar with Cereal, the new magazine that merges food and travel, and Trunk, which focuses on the idea of travel as a way of life.

Then there are the ultra-limited edition travel magazines, like Endless, which is currently sold out and grew out of a blog about one family’s travels around the world. Sounds lovely. And of course Terroir, the hand-stitched labour of love that offers a Singaporean take on travel.

16 Hours was new to me, and seems to be a mainly picture-based travel magazine made by a Canadian and an Australian (16 hours being the time difference between Calgary and Sydney). And there are the ‘Voyage’ issues of +81 – again, I’ve never seen one of those in the flesh.

But I can’t help feeling I’m only scratching the surface here. There must be other independent travel titles I’m missing – please let me know if any spring to mind!

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