The Beast is back (and so is Stack)

by Steve Watson in January 2010
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You know that you really need to get back onto the blog when it’s been almost a month since your last post.

Christmas was incredibly busy with loads of subscriptions coming in and even more magazines going out. Thanks very much if you were one of the people who bought Stack as a Christmas present for somebody else (or for yourself) and I hope you’re enjoying the service so far. The January delivery went out at the end of last week, and now attention turns to Stack in 2010.

There have been a few changes at the start of the year – most notably in some shuffling around of the Stack magazines.

Electric Sheep is no longer with us now that Wallflower Press has announced it’s not going to be publishing the magazine in its paper form, and Foam has been taken down because it just keeps on getting bigger – the last issue weighed in at over 900g, which makes it too heavy for Stack to send out. Also gone is Bad Idea because it hasn’t had a new issue out in the last 12 months, but its publishers have got big plans for a new issue (or another intriguing but highly secretive print project) later in the year, so watch out for it returning to the fold as soon as possible.

And speaking of magazines returning to the fold, there’s good news that B.East is due to put out a new issue this summer after a year away from the magazine world. Editor Vijai Maheshwari has been holed up in Bangalore for the last couple of months, so expect the all-new B.East to stretch its remit further than ever before to seek out the best of the east, whether that means Russia, India, China or East London.

Also watch out for a new batch of magazines signing up to Stack over the next couple of weeks – there are some great new titles coming up and some pretty fantastic extra free things too. Here’s to another fine year for independent print in 2010!

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