Cassette Tape Magazine

by Steve Watson in May 2010
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Typical isn’t it? You wait ages for one cool Australian magazine to arrive, and then three come along all at once. Well, almost – I posted about Ampersand and Condiment a couple of weeks ago, and now Cassette Tape Magazine has dropped through the front door.

Published by Team Evil in Melbourne, CTM isn’t actually a cassette tape at all, more a magazine that fits inside a cassette tape box. The minute anyone invokes cassettes you know you’re in for a dose of nostalgia, and Team Evil doesn’t disappoint, with a series of images and associated thoughts on old video games, William Gibson’s Neuromancer and 70s robot porn (okay that’s not strictly something I remember). And there’s new stuff too – MF Doom fan art, Japanese public information posters and bad taste wolf art all get an airing.

It’s all fun and light and lo-fi, but there’s something incredibly pleasing about the way it all folds together in its little plastic box – a great example of the way that a nice bit of print and design can turn something ephemeral into an object that I’ll keep on my shelves for years to come.

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