Evening of zines

by Steve Watson in September 2010
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On Monday night Thames & Hudson launched Fanzines by Teal Triggs at the London College of Communication. I’ve only had chance to give my copy a quick flick so far, but it’s absolutely packed with zines from the 60s to the present day and I can’t wait to sit down and have a proper read. Jeremy has already given his verdict on the night, so instead of repeating him I’ll just add a few of my favourite (badly photographed) zines from the night.

The huge boards, the weird name, the cross-dressing. I’ve never wanted to be a Californian surfer more than when I saw this copy of Who Put the Bomp from 1975.

Two zines, two very different ways of seeing the world.

A step on (or back?) from Flipboard – an actual newspaper made of tweets. I’m still surprised by the fact that just putting tweets into a familiar format makes them so much more readable, as if some wider meaning comes out of the nonsense.

Really want to know what happens next, but this copy was one of the ‘do not touch’ zines hanging on the wall. Couldn’t find it on the tables…

And an early copy of Stack’s own VNA. I had no idea they’d started off like this – a nice example of how sometimes zines can provide a stepping stone on the way to becoming a magazine.

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