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by Steve Watson in May 2010
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A copy of Jeremy’s newspaper arrived a couple of days ago and I’ve been dipping into it ever since.

It’s another neat piece of print made possible by Newspaper Club, and inspired by Things Our Friends Have Written on the Internet 2008, which became the Newspaper Club prototype. Produced to mark four years of the magCulture blog, its 16 pages are full of posts plucked from the archive and offer a potted recent history of magazine publishing, arranged chronologically from earliest to most recent.

There are posts marking events like the first issue of Monocle, the first Colophon and the first mention of Kasino A4 (brought back by a friend visiting Helsinki). And there are the big debates that continue to rumble on – it’s pleasing to see that the end of print argument was being made four years ago but doesn’t seem to have been developed or refined since.

In his introduction, Jeremy writes that he created the newspaper because things have a way of disappearing on blogs as they get buried under more recent posts. The newspaper is a brilliant way of offering an edited highlights of the material that exists, which I suppose is a nice definition of what a good magazine should do.

It’s available to buy now for £3.99 (a bit more if you’re outside the UK) and if you’ve ever enjoyed browsing magCulture it’s well worth the money.

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