Introducing… Stack America

by Steve Watson in October 2009
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It’s taken a few late nights and just a little bit of last minute rushing, but I’m very pleased to announce the launch of Stack America, the service dedicated to the independent magazines and readers of the USA, Canada, South America and beyond.

Over the last 10 months I’ve had fantastic interest in Stack from America, and already have a good number of subscribers out there. But of course it’s very expensive to send magazines across the Atlantic, and there are lots of small and wonderful magazines made in America that I just couldn’t manage to bring over to the main Stack service.

The majority of the magazines sent out by Stack America will be American, though we’d never rule out the chance of magazines from elsewhere appearing on the service. And the magazines that Stack America sends out will always be different to the magazines sent out by the main Stack service, so sign up for both breeds of Stack and you’ll get even more amazing magazines through your door.

Just like regular Stack, anybody can sign up for Stack America regardless of where they are in the world. Simply go to the subscription page and choose the options that are right for you.

The Stack site will remain the focus of the entire service, except now you can expect to see even more news, reviews, pictures and videos on the best independent magazines from all over the world. The CEO of Stack America is Andrew Losowsky, author of the books We Make Magazines and We Love Magazines, co-organiser of the Colophon independent magazine symposium and renowned blogger, journalist, curator and all-round magazine man.

You can expect to see his first post a little later on when the USA wakes up, so I’ll leave him to introduce the first magazine that Stack America will be sending out, and look forward to a bright future for the new special relationship.

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