New issue of Article out

by Steve Watson in June 2011
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Alasdair from Article was one of the speakers at Manchester’s Printout event, and after the main talking bit was done him and Ben told me about their next issue, themed around ports.

For them that means a story on shipping logos, thoughts on the movement and regeneration of industrial shipping areas, and a focus on Barrow, the British city built around making submarines. I’m a complete sucker for their view of the world at the best of times, but this issue had me literally giggling with excitement.

I still haven’t seen the real thing yet, but they released pictures of a few spreads yesterday and they’re looking good. This issue’s special colour is green, and very nice it is too.

And the fashion shoot on the beaches of Liverpool looks great.

Keep an eye open for it in shops and bars around the place and you might be lucky enough to pick up a free copy. Or, of course, come along to Printout and we’ll have a couple of copies on show in the magazine library.

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