Megawords, Meatpaper and fame

by Andrew Losowsky in March 2010
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As we prepare to send out the goodies for Stack America’s second mailing, including a really lovely magazine (which I’d love to tell you about, but don’t want to spoil the surprise), bonus content and an exclusive print by mag guru Robert Newman, we should take a moment firstly to laud Megawords, one of the two magazines we launched with, who are currently featured in an exhibition at Printed Matter in New York, and secondly, Meatpaper, our other launch title, was described by Boing Boing guest editor Jimmy Guterman thusly: “I never wanted to read a magazine about meat, but my life is enriched because I did.”

Guterman, a Stack America subscriber, then went on to praise your humble independent magazine service, calling it “a superb curational service that selects independent magazines and sends ’em out every other month.

“At a time when some aging mainstream print magazines are trying to convince readers that dead trees are still a commercial endeavor (wishful thinking), it’s reassuring to come across an outfit that realizes that print magazines aren’t just useful. They’re cool. They’re art. As noted on the Stack America blog, they’re “independent, creative media at its finest.”

Gorblessyou, sir.

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