Not a magazine

by Steve Watson in May 2010
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The new Kasino creative annual arrived earlier this week. They take great care to explain that this is not a magazine, but that’s not quite true.

In fact it’s an excess of magazine – a magazine made by people who clearly love working with print and all the fun stuff they can do with it. Lots of the fun is quite meta – for example little captions that explain what page numbers and a contents page are, as if the reader is seeing this magazine invention for the first time.

Then there are clever little tweaks like two pages at the start of the mag listing the issue’s keywords in order of appearance (keywords are also marked in bold in the stories they appear in). And of course they’ve thrown in a flipbook cartoon in the bottom right hand corner of the spreads.

In fairness I can see what they mean that this isn’t a magazine in the conventional sense of the word, but that just makes it an unconventional magazine – and well worth tracking down.

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