Your Days Are Numbered #2

by Steve Watson in December 2012
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Your Days Are Numbered

I really liked the first issue of Your Days Are Numbered, but now issue two is out and it’s even better. It’s crystallised its raison d’etre, honing in on the idea of speaking to comic book artists and asking them why they do what they do.

This is a great idea for two reasons:

1. Comic book artists are generally pretty insane.
2. Comic book artists will gladly spout their insanity at somebody making a magazine about their art.

This issue has great interviews with some fantastic artists, but my favourite is the one with French illustrator, film director and graphic artist McBess (pictured). Here’s a sample of McBess on the creative process:

“I used to be able to wait for the inspiration to come, I’d see a nice font somewhere, a nice looking amp, a girl with an amazing heart and it would flow out of my head into my pen down to the paper, then into a scanner, straight to photoshop, saved as a jpg or a gif – no discrimination – then on the interweb. Now I’ve got so much work I can’t wait for the inspiration, so I force feed myself with pictures on the interweb multimedia, a bit like a duck, then I wait for my liver to burst and slightly panfry it with some countryside bread.”

How very French.

Your Days Are Numbered is available in select comic book shops in London, Brighton, Berlin and a few other places. Or you can have a look at the Issuu version online.

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