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by Steve Watson in June 2014
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This month’s Stack delivery was the lovely Perdiz, a magazine dedicated entirely to happiness. I wasn’t sure what people would make of the cover (an extreme close up of MDMA) but I think this has been the most creative response yet to an unexpected magazine arriving in the post.

The beautiful glittering masthead featured prominently in people’s pictures, as did the lovely exposed spine, and the following are my favourite 10 pictures sucked up from Instagram and Twitter. As ever you can see the full collection on Pinterest, and remember that we’re doing it all again next month, so get snapping your magazines as they arrive and the best one will win the coveted Stack t-shirt.

10. Perdiz at home
This picture has got it all – nice lighting on the sparkly masthead, carefully painted thumbnail and domestic scene in the background.

09. Perdiz + Vitsoe
This month we also sent out Vitsoe’s very tasteful bookmarks with the Stack delivery – perfect for keeping your place in Perdiz.

08. Summertime!
What better time to receive a magazine about happiness than on a nice sunny day? This month’s deliveries arrived along with a burst of summer sunshine, prompting readers to head outside on their own…

07. More summertime!
…and with their cats.


06. Keep it simple
I love the simplicity of this shot, with Perdiz on the textured white background. Lovely stuff.


05. Stand up
The rigid cover led several people to create their own freestanding product shots with Perdiz. This is my favourite, nicely framed by tabletop and pot plant.

04. Spine tingles
People also loved the exposed spine – this close up shows the lovely intricacy of the stitching.

03. Nipple slip
A rare inside spread, showing one of the photos by artist Yijun Liao in a series that records her relationship with her boyfriend.

02. Inside job
Another selection from the Yijun Liao story, with added slanting light.

01. Sound and vision
But the number one spot has to go to our first ever video entry. This seriously beautiful shot of Perdiz on a train does a brilliant job of capturing just why the cover is so special – excellent work.

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