Put A Egg On It

by Steve Watson in January 2011
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Ralph McGinnis

Put A Egg On It (USA)

Why did you start a food magazine?
We like to cook and eat, and there were no other food zines when we started (many have popped up since our first issue came out in the spring of 2008).

Who are your readers?
We’re trying to be all-inclusive, because food isn’t specific to one group. But our readers, so far, are under 40, urban people who are interested in art and photography as well as food.

What’s so special about food writing?
I have always enjoyed the part of a novel where a meal is described. When it’s done well it isn’t so much about the food as it is a way to draw a reader into the world of the story. It’s a gateway into another person’s perspective.

Why are independent food magazines so popular at the moment?
Food is like porn, actually. People enjoy looking at it and reading about it, even if they never cook a thing. People will watch the Food Network and cooking shows endlessly. It never goes out of style. Everyone’s identities are tied up in the biological imperative for food and sex. I think there is more of a market for small print food mags than any other kind of niche print because of peoples’ endless fascination with eating and cooking.

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