Quick flick – OE

by Steve Watson in April 2012
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I’m not normally a huge fan of fashion magazines – I tend to find all the posing and posturing a bit too soulless. But OE, a Berlin-based fashion title, has totally won me over with its charm and creativity.

You can tell that it’s not business as usual from the rainbow-coloured exposed spine (the picture below doesn’t really do it justice, but the colours run a full spectrum from yellow at the top through to red at the bottom). Inside, a single page of text informs the reader that this issue is dedicated to the colourful world of German fashion design.

And that’s pretty much the only page of copy in the entire magazine. Again, that’s normally a bad thing in my book – I like something to read in a magazine. But in OE the images are so strong and the ideas so full of personality that it completely won me over without words.

I love ideas like this shoot, which places a single image against a full page of flat colour taken from that image.

There’s clearly a lot of paper love going on here – each feature ends with a little info point to handily tell the reader what paper stock they’ve been flicking through.

I found myself getting completely carried away with over the top shoots like this one, which features a model laying down in all sorts of strange abstract sci-fi poses.

A magazine full of love for its subject and clearly having fun with its format – OE is hard to resist.

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