DayZine – quick flick

by Steve Watson in September 2012
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Back in July I ran a three-day magazine event in a shipping container at Boxpark in Shoreditch. The day before I was there the container had been occupied by DayZine, a fantastic zine that dedicates itself to documenting a single day. I didn’t manage to get over there during their day of making and doing, but this week a copy arrived and they’ve done a great job with it.

It’s full of really simple but effective editorial ideas that succeed in communicating the atmosphere of a single day. This spread, which, (I assume) has the team drawing what they ate for breakfast, sets the scene and says something about the people involved in making the zine.

And I love this idea of getting subjects to frame themselves before an artist creates their version of the image. Nice use of the special colour too.

It was a rainy day.

And they were in Shoreditch, which allowed them to make this nice subversion of the familiar street fashion feature.

It’s short and sweet so it doesn’t over-reach itself and try to do too much, but my favourite thing about Day is the fact that they don’t try to literally produce the whole thing in one day. They have an intensive day of making and doing, but then they give themselves as long as they want to actually put it all together.

That allows for a bit of thought and consideration, with nice little touches of design that stop it from feeling rushed. I’m not sure whether we’ll see another Day this year, but when they’re ready to start again I’ll definitely seek out a copy.

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