Quick flick – VNA 14

by Steve Watson in April 2011
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It’s been far too quiet on the Stack blog recently, so I’m starting a new series of quick flicks. They’ll be heavy on pictures, light on words, and quick. Hopefully.

First up is the latest issue of VNA, which features Sickboy on the cover, complete with balaclava, Molotov cocktail and snazzy jumper. Inside, VNA’s fascination with the melting pot of street art, gallery shows and commercial commissions continues, and the front of the magazine is devoted to profiles of a range of artists.

There’s Evan Hecox, who makes beautiful, simple paintings of city life.

Russian art collective Voina, which recently turned a bridge into a huge erect glowing penis.

And of course Sickboy himself, talking about making the move from Bristol to London.

For me, though, the best bit is still the photographic glimpses of different cities, as usual without captions to say who the artists are or where the pieces are located. This issue there’s London – I’d love to know where that little white man is sitting.

Miami, complete with what seems to be William Hague re-imagined as the Incredible Hulk.

And Athens, which seems to have some kind of pirate motif going on.

I wouldn’t say that I’m a particular fan of street art, but I always love VNA – it’s the perfect example of a magazine that I shouldn’t really be interested in, but which consistently entertains. I’d be interested to see them doing something more than artist Q&As in the future, but regardless of that I’ll be looking forward to seeing the next issue.


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