Rotten Apples

by Steve Watson in January 2011
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Ed Vaughan

Rotten Apples (UK)

Why did you start a food magazine?
I wanted to dig a little deeper and find out about the culture of food. I am also into art and design and wanted to explore how food was being referenced in art. I researched and found an amazing amount of really great subjects that I could cover. So what started as a book quickly became a quarterly magazine.

Who are your readers?
Anyone who is interested in food and art. I would consider my readers to be “real” food enthusiasts who are interested in finding out about food in every way.

What’s so special about food writing?
I’m actually not much of a writer but I really enjoy finding out about things that I never knew existed. I also love talking to enthusiastic food writers who write in a leftfield style and whose work never gets the chance to see the light of day in the mainstream food magazines. I am very keen to give these writers a chance to get published.

Why are independent food magazines so popular at the moment?
I am sure the popularity of independent food magazines is entirely to do with people being bored to tears with the bland and uninspiring way that food is being presented at the moment. In the UK we tend to follow fashions and so as soon as something has caught on we are onto the next thing. Other countries are more consistent in how they think about food. I think there are a lot of people in the UK who wish that there was more consistency and continuity with our food.

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