Stack America: The Designers Series

by Andrew Losowsky in October 2010
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When I started Stack America, one innovation I was keen to introduce for our subscribers was The Designers Series – unique prints, only for subscribers, created by top designers on the theme of “magazines”.

The latest mailing included our first unusually shaped entry: a Magmark (like a bookmark, only for magazines) created by “esb” and “cevd”, the mysterious pairing behind the website Read The Printed Word. They explain:

“Read the Printed Word began when esb realized she was spending waaaay too much time skimming blogs and nowhere near enough time reading actual books. Not to mention the magazines that were stacking up on her coffee table.

She decided she ought to take a public pledge. So she asked cevd to collaborate with her, and a mini-movement was born. Badges that proclaim “i pledge to read the printed word” are quietly cropping up all over the internet.”

The magmark is lovingly designed and printed by hand on cevd’s letterpress, using special thick handmade paper. And it’s gorgeous. Pictures don’t do it justice, but here’s an image regardless.

New subscribers won’t get one of these, but they will get next month’s treat: an exclusive print created by Richard Turley, the creative director of Bloomberg Businessweek, along with not one, but *two* magazines, and a bonus surprise in our last mailing before Christmas.

Sign up before October 20th to avoid disappointment…

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