The results are in

by Steve Watson in December 2011
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Thanks very much to everyone who took part in the Stack survey. I’ve been dipping into it every now and then and it’s genuinely fascinating. Granted there probably aren’t many people who find it quite as riveting as I do, but no surprises there!

I’m downloading the responses now into what will form my Christmas holiday reading and we’ll be working in the New Year to make Stack even better. I can say ‘even better’ because so many of you were so kind about the service – it’s really lovely to get such positive feedback.

But first, I’m very pleased to announce the winners of the free subscriptions. As promised it’s in time for Christmas, so you can either give them to somebody else as a gift (we’ll send out a gift card and everything) or you can keep them for yourselves. The choice is yours.

Congratulations go to Warren Ali, Kev Darton and Vicky Kear. I’ll drop you all an email separately to work out what you want to do with your prizes.

Thanks again to everyone else, and rest assured that your comments will be used to shape the future of Stack. Very grand.

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