Things I know about F de C

by Steve Watson in July 2012
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I don’t know much about F de C de Rigueur Reader 2012-1, but I know I like it.

I know it’s printed in a pocket-size format using the cheap, grey paper you get in manga paperbacks. And I know (actually I’m pretty certain) that it’s made in Japan.

I know it’s based around people – some interviews are written up as Q&As while others read like pieces of short fiction, but with a sense that the story is all coming from one person’s recollection. There’s a strong emphasis on punk, fashion and art, all of it quite rough and ready, which fits well with the format.

I like the idea of reversing the front cover on the inside cover – that feels like it fits with the idea of things developing in the opposite direction when they reach their limit (referring to the typically opaque cover line). I haven’t got a clue what “Fabric as spore” means.

I’ve had this little gem tucked in my bag for the last few weeks and have found myself poring over it in any spare moment. I love the way it slips in my back pocket when I’m changing between trains, ready to be pulled out and read again. And I love the enigma of it all – it’s sort of a puzzle to work out what it’s all about and what ties it all together. The website only adds to the questions – check out the right-hand column, which seems to be from people responding to what they think this thing is.

The people behind the project assure me that the new issue is on its way and it’s going to be different again. Can’t wait.

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