Welcome to It’s Nice That

by Steve Watson in July 2011
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They curate a great website, organise creative events, run a top quality jobs board, and somewhere along the line they find time to make a magazine. And now that magazine is on Stack.

The sharp-eyed will have noticed that It’s Nice That popped onto the Stack lineup of magazines last week, but what with Printout, a flurry of client work and a trip to the countryside (no wi-fi out there) I’m only just getting around to saying a proper welcome to our latest title.

If you’ve seen a copy you’ll know that It’s Nice That is a quality piece of work, packed with art, design and creative stuff from around the world. Eclectic and unpredictable, it’s the sort of magazine that will almost definitely show you something you’ve never seen before. That’s not such a big deal in itself – plenty of blogs are jam-packed with cool new creative projects from around the world – but It’s Nice That combines the big pictures with interesting, insightful commentary to provide context on what you see on the page.

And that’s no accident – It’s Nice That started out as (and still is) a brilliant website that champions the best creative work it comes across. The magazine offers the editorial team a way of expanding upon the website, and produces a lasting object that can be kept and archived, rather than disappearing off into the depths of the internet after a few days.

Start clearing space on your shelves now – Stack will be sending It’s Nice That out soon.

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