Eye and Zoetrope arrive on Stack

by Steve Watson in November 2009
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Sharp-eyed visitors to the Stack site will already have noticed two new additions to the line up of magazines, and we’re pretty chuffed to have brought them into the fold.

First up is Eye, the London-based design magazine that has made a name for itself with insightful, eclectic features on every facet of visual culture. A quick glance at its advertisers will tell you that this is a true designer’s magazine (there aren’t many places where you’ll find several pages of adverts for fonts) but it manages that essential trick of making a very specific interest accessible to all. At £17 per copy it’s an expensive read, but we think that once you’ve seen it you’ll want to search it out again.

And then there’s Zoetrope, Francis Ford Coppola’s magazine of short stories designed by a different celebrity artist each issue. The most recent issue was designed by Jason Schwartzman and previous designers have included David Bowie, Gus Van Sant and Zaha Hadid. Its writers have included Wes Anderson, Ethan Coen and Haruki Murakami, but you’ll also find excellent work by complete unknowns – part of the deal with Zoetrope is that anyone who has their story published in the magazine also gets their film optioned by Coppola himself, a brilliant example of the great man’s creative industry feeding itself.

Both magazines will be finding their way to subscribers very soon, so remember that if you want to send Stack as a Christmas present you’ll need to sign friends and family up by 5 December. And if your subscription is due to run out make sure you get yourself signed up for the next year so you don’t miss any issues.

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