Dressing models up in body paint, not clothes

by Kitty Drake in September 2021
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Fashion & style

Every issue of fashion magazine More or Less comes with a poster tucked inside it. In issue three, the poster was a picture of an endangered monkey. This time they’ve gone for something a little bit different: it’s a massive picture of a naked woman with a Chanel bikini drawn onto her skin with body paint. 

The photograph is from a shoot called ‘paint by numbers’, which sees “fake fashion” label Kezako Paris emulate famous catwalk by transforming the naked body into a literal canvas. The images are fabulous; in my favourite, an iconic Marilyn Monroe-print Versace dress is reimagined. There’s also an outrageous shot of a Gucci thong. 

There are less inspiring moments in this magazine. Interviews tend to be basic Q&As, and the writing is pretty patchy, but some of the fashion — like that painted Gucci thong — is superb. Another highlight is a shoot with San Kim, a designer who responded to the early days of the pandemic by creating full body armour, made out of old Tesco shopping bags.


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