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by Steve Watson in September 2023
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A literary food magazine published in New York, Cake Zine launched last Spring with its ‘Sexy Cake’ issue, and followed that with ‘Wicked Cake’ in time for Hallowe’en. I loved those initial issues, so I was very pleased that we were able to send the third one, themed ‘Humble Pie’, to our subscribers in July this year.

It’s a simple concept, matching a provocative adjective with a much-loved food, and founders and editors Aliza Abarbanel and Tanya Bush use that solid base to produce a genuinely exceptional magazine. Top quality writing, illustration, and photography are matched with a restrained, confident design on lovely, thick paper to make this one of my favourite magazines of the year.

Watch the video below to see our Stack Magazine Club conversation with them, and get their insider’s view of publishing the magazine. For example, Aliza and Tanya (who both have twins) reveal that they conceive their issues as pairs, with the two cake instalments enjoying a close relationship, and Humble Pie set to be followed by ‘Tough Cookie’, coming later this year. (“Our idiomatic expression year.”) They also share what they’re looking for in the stories they commission; why they indulge in such lavish launch parties; and what they think to my suggestion that this latest issue was their most American one yet.

I hope you enjoy the video, and of course if you haven’t already seen the magazine you can buy a copy in the Stack shop. Or even better, sign up for our surprise monthly subscription and we’ll start sending you our pick of great independent magazines, and inviting you to Zoom conversations so you can hear direct from the editors.

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