Drift magazine uncovers Mexico City’s coffee culture

by Steve Watson in January 2018
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The latest instalment of Drift magazine takes another deep dive into the history, customs, culture and commerce that has grown up around coffee drinking. This time the team set their sights on Mexico City, and as you’ll see from the video below, they came back with some beautiful photography of cobbled streets, crumbling facades, and of course cups of coffee.

But Drift has got more going for it than good looks, and I love the fact that they use their first proper story of the issue to explain the constitutional changes that have seen the city change from Mexico DF (Distrito Federal, as it was known until recently) to Mexico City (a city with its own constitution and representation in the Mexican Congress). It sets the scene for a city newly empowered and confident; a place of proud tradition but also cutting edge change, all explored through the medium of coffee, of course.

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