Sex for breakfast

by Kitty Drake in January 2020
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Morgenmete — named for the old English word for “morning meal” — is entirely dedicated to writing and art taking the piss out of breakfast. Does the world need a breakfast satire magazine? No. But would the world quite like one, anyway? This poem by Kaitlyn Boyle, about eggs, is the kind of thing you can expect:

Egg whites are better
Healthy, pleasing, satisfying
Egg whites are calm
Gentle wake up, easy proteins, nutritious

Egg yolks are nasty
Fatty, caloric, undesirable
Egg yolks do not matter
Consumed raw by brutes, destructive


The highpoint is Morgenmete’s Sex For Breakfast shoot. Opening with two luxurious table spreads, entitled ‘Before sex/ After sex’. The images are lush, and absurd — creative director Tim Lampe’s influences are Aleksandra Kingo and the duo behind Toiletpaper magazine, Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari.

Scroll down to see bacon where bacon should never be.

  • Art direction: Pablo Alfieri and Paloma Rincon
  • Photography: Paloma Rincon
  • Set design: Pablo Alfieri

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