Creativity and community in the South London Review of Hand Dryers

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by Steve Watson in April 2019
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“There is a weird, very British, eccentric attachment to hand dryers…” Wedgely Snipes (not his real name) is the editor of the South London Review of Hand Dryers. A lovely newsprint zine printed by Newspaper Club, it’s simultaneously a fond parody of the London Review of Books, a silly excuse for writing about hand dryers, and a heartfelt experiment in creativity and collaboration. As you’ll hear from our conversation, Wedgely genuinely loves hand dryers, but he’s also obviously aware of the silliness of the whole thing, and it’s this balance of commitment and self-awareness that makes the humour in the zine so infectious.

If all this talk leaves you wanting more hand dryers, you can buy copies of issue one from the South London Review of Hand Dryers shop, or follow Wedgely’s advice and check out the Group for People Who Appreciate Quality Hand-Dryers on Facebook. Or if you’d like to hear more talk about magazines, without the emphasis on hand drying, check out our archives on Soundcloud or iTunes, or wherever else you get your podcasts, for loads of conversations with independent magazine makers.


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