Accent issue 3
Delivered to Stack subscribers in  Jul 2017

by Grace Wang in July 2017
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Whether it’s a trans opera diva or an urban cowboy, Accent magazine wants to tell the stories of people living lives outside the ordinary. Inspired by 90s cult titles like The Face, it existed as an online quarterly before becoming a physical manifestation of glossy photography and personal stories.

Find out more about the London-based magazine below…


Lucy Nurnberg

Job title

Founding co-editor (along with Lydia Garnett)

What is Accent?

Accent is a photography and lifestyle magazine that celebrates unconventional characters from around the world. It’s a storytelling publication about the superstars of the everyday — the free-spirits and eccentrics who make the world a little brighter simply by being themselves.

What makes it different to the rest?

Our subjects. An Accent cover star is someone refreshingly unconventional, with an amazing story to tell. Our design and photography aesthetic is as bold, diverse and wacky as the subjects we love to celebrate.

Who makes Accent?

For the most part, three Ls — Lucy and Lydia founded the magazine as co-editors, and Luke (Tudor Griffiths) is our righthand man and Art Director. He’s a real eccentric, so it works.

Who reads it?

Wonderful, intelligent, curious individuals. Our readers are mostly 18-35, based in big cities and working in the creative industries — but really Accent is for anyone who has ever daydreamed about what it might be like to quit the nine-to-five and drive a hand-painted campervan around the world, for example.

Why do you work in magazines?

We grew up on mags like i-D and The Face (and before that, Sugar and Smash Hits) so we’ve always seen magazines as the forefront of pop culture, fashion and identity. Also, we love photography and words and wanted to put something concrete in the world that would still be around in 20 years, as a snapshot of some of the eccentric, underground things that were going on at the time of publishing.

Aside from the print magazine, what else are you involved in?

Lydia works as a photographer and lecturer, and Luke and I both work in newspaper production/design. When we’re not at work, we’re planning trips, playing basketball and getting inspired by our friends in London.

We are also launching a series of Accent supper clubs where we’ll host an intimate evening of performance, food and drink. We’d like to invite our readers to come along and be entertained by stars from the magazine’s pages, as well as some of Accent’s biggest inspirations.

What would you change about Accent if you could?

More adventures, less admin!

Where do you see Accent in five years?

A cult mag with a hefty back catalogue and a network of great readers and contributors around the world.

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