Double Dagger issue 2
Delivered to Stack subscribers in  Oct 2017

by Grace Wang in October 2017
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Double Dagger is a magazine that treats printed matter and the process of print with ardent dedication and an almost evangelical passion. Founded by two printers in Shipley and Whittington, it is made entirely by hand using letterpress printing. (The editors even wrote us an introductory guide to their craft.)

Read on for our interview with Pat Randle, co-publisher, editor and printer…

Pat Randle

Job title
Co-publisher, editor and printer

What is Double Dagger?
Double Dagger is a 16pp newspaper printed on a 1970’s Heidelberg Cylinder SBB entirely from three-dimensional objects; wood- and lead-type, linoleum, and laser-cut wood and plexiglass. Through an array of articles and artwork by printers and artists from around the world DD attempts to examine the relevance of an analogue printing process in today’s world.

What makes it different to the rest?
The resurgence of analogue design and print processes in the twenty-first century has been spearheaded by a generation of designers looking for an antidote to the computer screen. The depth of colour, the third dimension, and even the powerful smell of ink on the letterpress printed page offer the senses something completely different to today’s commercial world of print.

Who makes Double Dagger?
Aside from Nick Loaring and myself, Neil Winter at the Whittington Press sets the type for Double Dagger in Monotype.

Who reads it?
I’d say it would appeal to people who have an interest in printing, fondling type, sniffing ink and those who just love to feel a large newspaper in their hands.

Why do you work in magazines?
We are currently mid-production (which takes about five weeks) and are asking ourselves the same question! But on the positive side it has proved a great way to connect with others from around the world share similar ideas, ways of working and a passion for printing. And not much compares to seeing the spreads come alive on press.

Aside from the print magazine, what else are you involved in?
In real life we are both printers. Nick runs the Print Project in Shipley and I run Nomad Letterpress from the Whittington Press.

What would you change about Double Dagger if you could?
An army of elves to help with the folding would be handy . . .

Where do you see Double Dagger in five years?
Five years!? If we’re still here I imagine we’ll still be standing around the back of that Heidelberg scratching our heads trying to resist the urge to punch each other.

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