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by Steve Watson in April 2024
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A brand new literary magazine assembled from texts that didn’t find a home anywhere else, Offal is presented as, “an afterlife for overmatter… Our haggis of literary culture.” Designed in Microsoft Word and brilliantly dark and dystopian, it’s an immediately distinctive new voice.

Jeremy Portal

Job title
CEO, Chief Creative Officer and Head of Wellness at Offal Industries

What is Offal?
Offal is an independent journal of literary and artistic offcuts, celebrating and shedding new light on the leftovers, scraps and experiments of the creative process. Offal is also a cult AI-voiced comedy/literature radio show, or ‘audio zine’, both drawing on and adding to the publication.

What makes it different from the rest?
Offal is an ongoing artistic project that takes different forms, including a print publication, an AI-voiced radio show, art installations, and other forms yet to be revealed that will ‘drop’ as and when. These are all different expressions of the same desire to experiment with form, break free of the digital straitjackets, and highlight incidences of creative output that might not find an outlet elsewhere.

Who makes Offal?
Offal is assembled at Offal Laboratories using a state-of-the-art automated production facility, and the input of artists, writers, designers and musicians all over the world.

Who reads it?
Offal is open to anyone who can get hold of a copy. While the content might be unorthodox in some ways, we see it as accessible, enlightening and hopefully amusing.

Why do you work in magazines?
Magazines are just one of the many delightful products that we at Offal Industries have a footprint in.

Aside from the print magazine, what else are you involved in?
My personal calling is really as a shamanic visionary and qualified Canine Reiki Healer leading group meditation sessions for owners and their pets.

What would you change about Offal if you could?
I plan to include more essays drawn from my own yoga practice about the transcendental possibilities of the side plank.

Where do you see Offal in five years?
We see a bright future in neural implants and I foresee a day when Offal will be transmitted directly into people’s skulls.

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