How to publish a magazine by accident

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by Steve Watson in December 2020
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Mari Oshaug is editor-in-chief and publisher of Bikevibe, the magazine that sets off for a different city each issue and reports on the cycling culture it finds there. Mari started the magazine in 2014 by accident – she was on holiday in Tokyo and found herself taking hundreds of photos of the bikes she saw on the streets, and realised that she wanted to actually do something with the pictures rather than just store them away and never look at them again.

She initially printed just 100 copies of her magazine about bikes in Tokyo, and when they sold out in a couple of days she realised this might be something she could do for real. The whole project has grown from there and in this conversation she talks about building her team and what they look for in the cities they cover, as well as the obvious problems that coronavirus has thrown in their path. It was lovely to hear how Bikevibe has evolved spontaneously, still running on that same enthusiasm for the simple pleasure of cycling, so I hope you enjoy this conversation with Mari, and if you want to see more, take a look at their latest issue in the Stack shop.

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