Insider: Puss Puss magazine

by Stine Fantoft Berg in November 2015
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An album sampled from cat meows, Tyler the Creator with a cat on his head, and very little sleep. Those are only a few of the things involved in making the latest issue of Puss Puss magazine.

We asked editor-in-chief Maria Joudina and associate editor Gemma Lacey to give us a glimpse behind the scenes.


In the making of this issue we…



Listened to
This amazing Spotify playlist that has combined all the Wes Anderson soundtracks. Also, a remix of the new record by Run the Jewels called Meow the Jewels, which is made from samples of cat noises like meows and purrs… it’s pretty nuts.

Uber (a lot). We haven’t had an Uber kitten though so far, unfortunately…

Argued about
Which cover to go for – we have a back and front cover so it’s twice as hard to decide!




Lots of amazing people, sometimes only via Skype or email but it was still pretty cool!


Were excited about
Having Tyler, The Creator as our cover feature!


Were relieved that
We made it happen, again! And it’s awesome!


Couldn’t stop laughing at
This cat video:

And everyone should buy a copy because…
It’s our best issue to date with tons of amazing content! And, you’ll finally learn just what a Tron Cat really is.

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