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Food magazines can sometimes fall into the trap of presenting readers with an unattainable ideal of perfectly accomplished dishes, served in pristine surroundings. But this collection of food titles is interested in something altogether messier, more joyful and strange. Yes, you’ll find recipes and kitchen advice in these pages, but you’ll also find wild flights of fancy and real food stories to inspire your own creations.


Pit issue 8

RRP £6.00 | 96 pages | Published in London


Dedicated to the art of live fire cooking, Pit is a barbecue magazine that glories in the sticky burnt bits. Issue eight is its first themed special, diving deep into the world of the sausage with 96 pages of sizzling fun.


Club Sandwich issue 4

RRP £18.20 | 176 pages | Published in Paris


Each issue of Club Sandwich focuses on “a particular food and its cultural and societal representation in various and eclectic fashions”. This fourth issue is dedicated to chocolate, uncovering its history and mythology, and the obsessive behaviours it has inspired over the years.


Put A Egg On It issue 16

RRP £10.00 | 128 pages | Published in New York


This small, green art and literary journal published out of New York City is a love letter to food, cooking and the communal joys of eating with friends and family.

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