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  • 126 pages 
  • 20cm x 27cm 
  • Published in Amsterdam, 2018 

Johnny is a fashion magazine with a “radically open and gentle attitude” towards menswear. Fashion, as the editors see it, is uniquely equipped to critically deal with masculinity today, because it offers “endless permutations of the self”.


The first issue, “On Plasticity” seeks to reimagine our ideals for masculinity by asking men: how will you become someone you’re not? It’s a question of reckoning, of assuming responsibility, and of recognising your relative powerlessness.


Johnny is also available as part of our Masculinities collection


In this issue:


  • Hopeless crushes and magic rituals
  • Radical splinter factions of the British Boy Scouts
  • Office politics
  • Depictions of the working class in the Edwardian era
  • Ball jokes
  • Donatella Versace
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