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Imported from Europe and the US, these three very different magazines offer perspectives on masculinity. Approaching an increasingly fraught topic from backgrounds as varied as mental health and fashion, each title cuts through the Gillette noise to provide a well-researched and thoughtful look at what it means to be a man today.


This is an opportunity for readers to pick up a collection of great independent publishing — and by buying them together you save 25% on the combined cover prices. Read on to find out more about our selection…


Anxy issue 4

RRP $25 | 188 pages | Published in Berkeley, CA


A beautifully designed magazine about hidden inner worlds, personal struggles, and fears, each issue builds an original, insightful, and creative perspective on a central theme through captivating and meticulously-crafted storytelling. This issue asks: “How does masculinity influence our sense of self and the culture around us?” Expect Terry Crews on narrative and perspective, long-form on chef culture and plenty more intimate essays, features and interviews, alongside the thoughtful imagery Anxy has come to be known for.


Johnny issue 1

RRP €16 | 126 pages | Published in Amsterdam


Johnny is a fashion magazine with a “radically open and gentle attitude” towards menswear. Fashion, as the editors see it, is uniquely equipped to critically deal with masculinity today, because it offers “endless permutations of the self”. This first issue seeks to reimagine our ideals for masculinity by asking men: how will you become someone you’re not? It’s a question of reckoning, of assuming responsibility, and of recognising your relative powerlessness. Expect hopeless crushes and magic rituals, office politics, ball jokes and Donatella Versace.


Sofa issue 3

RRP £6.75 | 100 pages | Published in Berlin


This third issue of the forward-thinking, deep-delving and digitally-minded magazine takes on male identity and power in transformation. Over a long weekend in the Berlin countryside, guest editors were asked to be vulnerable, tell their honest truths, ask confronting questions, host public conversations about some of the thornier topics facing men right now and be open to arguments, talkback and tears. Expect an exploration of “sad boy music” and sonic masculinities in the #MeToo era, a different perspective on Virgil Abloh’s inaugural Louis Vuitton show, and a long, hard look at ‘You & Porn’.

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