Yana takes a fresh look at juggling

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by Steve Watson in April 2021
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Florence Huet is the founder and editor of Yana, an extraordinary magazine about juggling that is on a mission to combat the stereotypes and assumptions about what it means to juggle. It came out at the end of last year and pulled off that brilliant trick of opening up a whole new world that I had no idea even existed. And that’s a central part of what Florence was trying to achieve with the magazine – as she explains in this conversation, she’s been fascinated by juggling for years, and Yana is her way of turning a personal obsession into something that can be enjoyed by other people, even if they would ordinarily say they have absolutely no interest in juggling whatsoever.

I really enjoyed speaking to her about the magazine, and about the strange world of the juggler, so I hope you’ll enjoy this conversation with Florence. And if you do like this one, make sure you follow us on Soundcloud or wherever you get your podcasts and we’ll be able to keep on delivering our episodes straight to you as soon as they’re ready every Friday.


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