Travelling across cultures with Lindsay magazine

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by Steve Watson in August 2018
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Independent magazines love to do things differently, and that’s particularly visible amongst independent travel titles, which tend to shun the conventions of their mainstream counterparts. So instead of hotel reviews, top 10 lists of things to do and ideas for keeping the kids entertained, you’ll find a parade of idiosyncratic travel tales based on first-hand personal experiences.

Lindsay magazine launched earlier this year full of stories from around the world that would place it comfortably within this band idiosyncratic travellers, but editor and creative director Beth Wilkinson is keen to stress that this isn’t actually a travel magazine at all. Instead she positions it as an exploration of culture and place, looking back at history and heritage to gain a deeper understanding of the way people live their lives in different places around the world.


It does a good job of switching from the serious to the frivolous, engaging with difficult subjects like Australia’s colonial past, while also diving deep into ‘The Art and History of Pickling’ or geeking out over the top exports from every country in the world. Beth stopped in at the Stack office while she was over in London earlier this summer, and we took the opportunity to record this conversation about launching the magazine and the ideas that drove her to print.

This is the first episode in our new series of podcasts and we’ve got lots more conversations with independent magazine makers coming up over the next few weeks. They go up on Soundcloud and iTunes every Friday afternoon, but if you follow us in either of those places or wherever else you get your podcasts we’ll be able to deliver new episodes straight to you as soon as they’re ready. Happy listening!

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