The Americans are coming!

by Steve Watson in January 2009
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Update: This is a post from 2009, check out our up-to-date list of magazines here!

Oh dear. The first blog post of the year and not until the 9th. Must try harder. In my defence I’ve spent much of the Christmas break hunting out and reading great new magazines (and a lot of old ones), the fruits of which are two new additions to the Stack stable. They’re both from America, and as is the aim with all Stack magazines, they’re both outstanding titles, the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else.

First up is Worn, a Toronto-based fashion magazine that totally rethinks the things a fashion magazine should do and comes up with something lovely and clever and funny. Or, as they put it, “Worn is determined to root through the archives, debates, and gossip to discover the lasting value of clothing and style in its past, present, and future.” It’s a genuine breath of fresh air, and it manages to make fashion look interesting even to me, which is saying something.

And then there’s Russia!, a magazine made out of New York that dedicates itself to the most interesting and up to date stories coming out of Russia. It’s a fascinating idea, scrutinising, documenting and championing the old Soviet giant from the other side of the world, and offers itself up as a blueprint for anyone else who might want to cover one of the world’s other emerging superpowers – anyone for China!, India! or Brazil!? It’s not just a clever idea though – the design looks good and the writing and photography are consistently solid in really quite a densely packed title. Of the 132 pages in the Winter 2008 issue there are only 12 pages of advertising, and it’s all quality stuff, from Paul Smith and Aeroflot President class, to a Moscow art gallery and New York boutique.

Both Worn and Russia! will be appearing through subscribers’ letterboxes as soon as I can get new issues over here, so if you haven’t signed up already go and do it now, and I’ll look forward to hearing people’s thoughts on these latest finds.

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