Big ideas behind the International Magazine Centre

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by Steve Watson in May 2019
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Nikki Simpson is the woman behind the International Magazine Centre, a proposed hub for publishers, editors, designers and anyone who works with magazines. Aiming to launch in Edinburgh in 2022, Nikki wants to bring together all kinds of magazines, from the biggest corporate titles to the smallest independent outfits, helping them to build connections between one another and using strength in numbers to draw wider attention to magazines that might otherwise be overlooked.

In this conversation she explains where the idea came from and how she’s taking it forward, and why she wants to hear from LOTS of magazine makers. One of her main priorities at this early stage is making contact with publishers she isn’t currently speaking to, so if you have a magazine you’d like to put in front of her, do drop her a line to let her know what you’re doing.

We have lots of conversations with great independent magazine makers recorded and just waiting for me to find the time to edit and publish them, so listen out for those coming over the next few weeks, and of course if you’re not already following us, sign up via Soundcloud, iTunes or wherever else you get your podcasts and we’ll deliver our next episode to you next week.

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