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by Steve Watson in May 2022
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Recorded live at our Independent Magazine Fair, held at Mortimer House in London last Saturday, the 14th of May, this special episode of the Stack podcast features our panel on How to Make an Independent Magazine. It was our first in-person event since before the pandemic, and it felt fantastic to be back in a room full of independent magazine fans again.

Of course people always want to get into the fine details of how magazines are actually made, so for this panel we invited three editors to speak about how and why they do what we do: Rob Orchard is co-editor of Delayed Gratification, Felicia Pennant is editor-in-chief of Season Zine, and Eddy Rhead is lead editor of The Modernist, and between them they’ve published almost 100 issues of their magazines.

It was great fun, really informative, and totally open, and I really appreciate them all sharing their thoughts and insights with us. (And particularly speaking so willingly about all the mistakes they’ve made along the way.) I hope you’ll enjoy this one, and watch out for our next panel on Breaking the Rules coming next week.

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