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by Steve Watson in June 2015
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Yesterday’s launch of Sampler was crazy. In a good way.

As I write this there are just over 3,200 people who will receive the first Sampler offer in their inbox on Thursday 18th, but we can do better than that. Take a look at the list of magazines below, and if you like what you see, head over to the Sampler site and sign up with your email address.

Remember, Sampler sells all magazines with free shipping to the UK, Europe and USA, and with 10% off the cover price. You won’t get a better deal on any of these fine titles:



A true publishing phenomenon, Cereal has blown readers away with its calm, refined view of the world, and as it grows it continues to evolve. You can bet this one will sell out super fast when it hits Sampler.

Two-Minute Magazines #15: Cereal from Steven Watson on Vimeo.

The Collective Quarterly


A genius piece of publishing, The Collective Quarterly takes a group of artists and craftspeople away to a remote location and documents the process of them creating products which are then sold through the magazine’s website. You’ll want every single one of them.

The Collective Quarterly // Issue 1 // Absaroka from Duncan Wolfe on Vimeo.

Cook Book


I love this hardback book / magazine concept, which incidentally has nothing to do with cooking. Instead each issue of Cook Book focuses on a notable individual, and the ‘ingredients’ are made up of their influences and experiences. It’s kind of hard to explain, but watch the video and you’ll get it!

Two-Minute Magazines #33: Cook Book from Steven Watson on Vimeo.

Delayed Gratification


I run out of ways to say how much I love this magazine. By waiting for the dust to settle and revisiting stories with the benefit of hindsight, Delayed Gratification guarantees a totally fresh perspective on the world. Genius.

Two-Minute Magazines #10: Delayed Gratification from Steven Watson on Vimeo.

Dirty Furniture


A superb design magazine, Dirty Furniture focuses on a different piece of furniture each issue and locates it in its cultural context. More genius magazine making.



A Polish magazine (but published entirely in English) that examines the role of the modern father, Fathers is a beautifully produced title that will strike a chord with dads everywhere.

Two-Minute Magazines #63: Fathers from Steven Watson on Vimeo.



A photography magazine that gives over practically all its space to long photo essays, with just the outside back page reserved for text, Feelings is a fantastic piece of creative publishing.

Two-Minute Magazines #70: Feelings from Steven Watson on Vimeo.



A magazine that travels around the world’s design fairs, Fiera seeks out the best up and coming talent. I love the flick-happy structure of this magazine – check the video below to see what I mean.

Two-Minute Magazines #55: Fiera from Steven Watson on Vimeo.



A German magazine that runs English translations of all its stories, Froh! focuses on a different theme each issue and explores it from different perspectives to create a funny, intelligent and engaging view of the world.

FROH! #10 Bewegung from Thomas Nathan on Vimeo.

Future Perfect


An Australian magazine for the culturally engaged, Future Perfect mixes politics, art and adventure in a fantastic piece of print guaranteed to broaden your horizons.

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