The Stack Awards: Magazine of the year

by Stine Fantoft Berg in November 2015
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It’s been six months in the making, but the big day has finally arrived and tonight we’ll be awarding the best independent publishing of 2015.

Before we get to that, though, there’s just time for one more shortlist – scroll on to see all the titles in the Magazine of the year category…

Benji Knewman (Riga)
With a mission to create a place where everyone can simply ‘be’, Benji Knewman tells the Latvian story in international language, and is a magazine like no other.

Boat (Los Angeles)
Avoiding the cliches of travel journalism, the nomadic travel and culture journal Boat tells real and unique stories from a different city each issue.

Brutal (New York)
Showcasing talent from across the creative industries through the lens of food, Brutal magazine is an engaging and artistic response to eating.

Buffalo Zine (London)
Arguably closer to a coffee table book than a magazine, the intriguing visuals and personal stories make Buffalo Zine a wonderfully refreshing alternative to mainstream fashion titles.

Delayed Gratification (London)
Pioneering slow journalism, Delayed Gratification revisits the news after the dust has settled and applies in-depth analysis to understand the stories that matter.

Flaneur (Berlin)
Using a collaborative and unconventional approach to magazine making, nomadic Flaneur dedicates its pages to the exploration of one street per issue. The result is nothing less than a celebration of the printed medium.

The Gourmand (London)
Mixing food, culture and art, The Gourmand represents a new generation of food magazines looking far beyond recipes and how-to guides. Four years in and each issue is as inventive and surprising as the last.

The Happy Reader (London)
The lovechild of Fantastic Man and Penguin Books, The Happy Reader is an original magazine concept with two parts: Its first half features a long-form interview with a book fanatic, and the second half explores one classic work of literature from unexpected angles.

Hole & Corner (Dorset)
Celebrating craftspeople, their passion and skill, Hole & Corner dives deep into the worlds of the people whose work is their life.

Makeshift (New York)
A field guide to hidden creativity, Makeshift reports on the most interesting innovations from across the globe, telling stories of ingenuity that you wouldn’t have found anywhere else.

Mondial (London)
Viewing the world through a cycling lens, Mondial is a new lifestyle and cycling magazine from Rapha that proves there’s more to the sport than fitness and equipment.

The Outpost (Beirut)
A magazine of possibilities in the Middle East and North Africa, The Outpost is an antidote to mainstream media coverage that paints an honest and optimistic picture of life in the Arab world.

Perdiz (Barcelona)
A beautifully produced magazine about people and the things that make them happy, Perdiz looks beyond smiles and cuteness to create a fascinating portrait of human experience.

The Travel Almanac (Berlin)
The self-proclaimed “first true post-tourism publication”, The Travel Almanac is a pioneer in redefining the travel magazine. Five years in, it remains a timeless and original part of the independent magazine scene.

Twin (London)
A beautiful hardback magazine showcasing fashion, art, culture and feminist features. Another excellent piece of publishing proving that fashion can in fact be covered in a way that’s smart, surprising and insightful.

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