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by Steve Watson in February 2015
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I’ve had a few people asking me recently whether there will be any more magazine publishing masterclasses at the Guardian, and the answer is… sort of.

I really liked the weekend masterclasses we ran over the last few years, but the fact is they were expensive. They had to be – the maximum class size of 16 meant we could get into some really detailed discussion about projects, but it didn’t leave much scope for sharing the cost of speakers, venue, etc.

So for the first event of 2015 we’re going to try something different. Instead of a classroom we’re moving into a conference room and adding capacity, which allows us to bring the cost down to £129 per person. I hope that will be a bit more manageable for small independent publishers looking to pick up some practical advice on their projects.

It will run over a single day on Saturday 21 March, and as ever we’ll be packing the day with a brilliant line up of inspiring and informative speakers:

Rob Orchard is the editor and co-founder of Delayed Gratification, and will speak about the characteristics of successful independent publishers. He’s a fantastically experienced publisher and editor, and will share his top tips for success.

Elizabeth Glickfield and Anna Bates are co-editors of Dirty Furniture, the new design magazine that emerged as one of last year’s strongest new launches. They’ll speak about their first-hand experience of running a successful Kickstarter campaign and the hurdles they have encountered in their first year of publishing.

Danny Miller is the publisher of Weapons of Reason and CEO of creative agency Human After All. He’ll be introducing The Publishing Playbook, the free resource he created to help independent publishers based on the insights he gained from more than a decade of magazine making.

And I’ll be running two sessions – one on the various challenges of distribution, and another on the many options that currently exist for digital publishing.

The aim is to provide an immersive day of magazine talk, and then head to the bar afterwards to talk about it and decompress. I’m really excited to be back at the Guardian and looking forward to seeing how the first of these one-day events goes. I hope you’ll come along and join us…

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