Stack at home – September 2015

by Stine Fantoft Berg in October 2015
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We were really excited to send out Beirut-based The Outpost last month. The issue was focused on the body, and, as always, we had a lot of fun looking through the photos on Instagram and Twitter.

We’ve done our best to collect them all in a Pinterest board, so if you enjoy endlessly browsing pictures of magazine covers (oh yes you do) make sure to check that out. But of course for the optimum Stack magazine experience, we recommend subscribing. You won’t regret it, and next month you could see your own pictures featured here…

10. The morning fix
I’m not surprised that this is how the guys at Norwegian coffee culture magazine Brygg spend their mornings. I promise, though, this is the only cup of coffee you’ll see in this month’s selection.

Hva leser du til morgenkaffen? Takk @stackmagazines for siste utgave av #theoutpostmagazine

A photo posted by Et magasin om kaffekultur (@brygg_magasin) on

9. Mailbox treats
Nice shot featuring the whole September delivery. Stack at Tent invitation designed by Nathan Hackett, and a lovely MUBI postcard by illustrator and creative director Paul Willoughby.

Love my monthly @stackmagazines package! #theoutpost #stack #stackmagazine #magazine #editorial #design #graphicdesign #prints #postcards

A photo posted by _charlotte91 (@_charlotte91) on


8. A gentle reminder
The Outpost’s intro page pretty much sums up what this issue is all about. It’s a much needed reminder to us all to start appreciating our bodies and everything we’re capable of.


7. Toe-tally on fleek
Kenley clearly appreciated the body theme of The Outpost sixth issue. Bonus points for sporting the unpedicured look!


6. Nothing like starting young
It’s a magazine of possibilities, and this young reader seems to be pondering the possibility of seriously beefing up.

Yippee #stackmagazines @stackmagazines

A photo posted by Mario Michelli (@mmichelli) on


5. Spotted
Here we see a magazine dedicated to the human body, nestled up against a non-human body. Keep those dog pictures coming.

The Outpost ft. Spots! Thanks @stackmagazines for another lovely magazine in the mail today! #theoutpost #stackmagazine #dalmatian

A photo posted by im shay (@sharae.harris) on


4. Men of my life
I really love Irene’s pairing of He-man and the sculpture adorning the cover of The Outpost.

@stackmagazines you know monday is the perfect day for delivering #TheOutpost

A photo posted by Irene Papa (@ire_papa) on


3. Reading and working
Forget the office – this looks like the best place to read and work.

Working and reading and reading and working w/ #thegentlewoman #theoutpost @stackmagazines

A photo posted by Sarah Waldron (@sarah___waldron) on


2. Ahh
The Outpost and animals seem to get along well! The soft light and colour scheme of this image is just wonderful. Transport me there, please.

Sharing my @stackmagazines copy of #theoutpost with Oscar this morning. I think he’s particularly enjoying the cover art #miaow #stackmagazines #september #amagazineofpossibilities #cats

A photo posted by @convanzan on


1. When in Florence
But there’s no question who should win this month’s free Stack t-shirt. Bandinelli would be proud!

@stackmagazines #Florence #Marbles #TheOutpost #Competition

A photo posted by @fffraaa on


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