Top 10 independent magazines on Instagram: vol. 2

by Stine Fantoft Berg in October 2015
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It’s more than a year since we presented our first top 10 independent magazines of Instagram, and a lot has happened since then. The following list doesn’t include any of the accounts featured last time, but many of them are still going strong so if you like what you see here, make sure you check our previous top 10 too.

The following magazines have all found different ways of using Instagram as an extension of their printed identities, and we love the personality and passion in the pictures (and, of course, an occasional glimpse behind the scenes). Here we go!

10. So Young
The illustration and music zine So Young is great at promoting illustrators on Instagram. It’s a brilliant way to stay up to date on fresh talent in the world of illustration – and to add some fun to your feed.



A photo posted by So Young Magazine (@soyoungmagazine) on

9. Pylot
Pylot only prints analogue photography, but they’ve made a digital home for themselves on Instagram. Sometimes they’ll invite a photographer to take over the account for a week, like the British duo Hill & Aubrey. Immerse yourself in that analogue goodness!


Day 5 – by @hillandaubrey A photo posted by PYLOT Magazine (@pylotmagazine) on

8. Perdiz magazine
A magazine dedicated to happiness, Spanish title Perdiz has seamlessly translated its print ethos to Instagram. Alongside shots of the magazine they invite readers and their favourite Instagrammers to share what makes them happy – like Athos the dog and her owner María Guerra.


“Having breaksfast while watching anime helps me start the day much better and #makesmehappy”, says @oh.carol A photo posted by Perdiz Magazine (@perdizmagazine) on

7. Elephant magazine
With the overwhelming amount of art shows and exhibitions that seem to open every week, there’s just no way you can see it all. But follow Elephant magazine on Instagram and you’ll never feel like you’re missing out. An occasional glimpse behind the scenes gives it all a personal touch.

elephant mag

Ken Kagami offers an intimate portrait session at @friezeartfair – penises for men and boobs for gals. Here is Elephant uncovered. #kenkagami #frieze #boobs

A photo posted by @elephantmagazine on

6. Lucky Peach
Started by Momofuku chef David Chang, Lucky Peach is a magazine made by people who really know their food, but who know how to enjoy it in a refresdhingly down-to-earth, non-styled way. And extra points for their weekly food faces!


Cancel your weekend plans—it’s time to make Disney princesses out of hot dogs. Find out how at the link in our bio.

A photo posted by Lucky Peach (@luckypeach) on

5. Makeshift
With the tagline ‘a field guide to hidden creativity’, Makeshift is dedicated to tales of innovation from all over the world. On Instagram they share snippets of stories alongside insightful captions that leave you feeling like you learned something.


Kids queue up to take a ride in this guy’s hand-pulled and hand-painted merry-go-round in the back alleys of Nizramuddin in Delhi. #hiddencreativity Photo by @aubrey_wade A photo posted by Makeshift (@mkshftmag) on

4. Another Escape
Outdoor lifestyle magazine Another Escape is all about breathtaking sceneries. Every week they invite a different photographer to share photos from one of their recent adventures. The captions are like short stories and turn the feed into something more than just beautiful images.

another escape

#aetakeovertuesday w/ @elice_f : Bealach na Bà Hardy people, the Scots. After fighting our way up Bealach na Bà, we bumped into these beauties, taking out their owners for a walk. The owners only said that ‘it’s always windy, up here, and they really wouldn’t go every day, if it wasn’t for the dogs – and those just liked it too much’. #anotherescape #scottishhighlands #scotland

A photo posted by Another Escape (@anotherescape) on

3. Pet People
The Swedish magazine about pets and their owners, Pet People, is filled with furry friends all captured beautifully by co-founder and photographer Hilda Grahnat. I won’t deny that my personal obsession with animals made this an easy pick, but it’s also a great look behind the scenes to making the magazine. With only one issue out so far, Pet People is a young magazine, and I’m really looking forward to seeing more.

pet people

Did you hug your cat today? See more of brothers Eskil and Oskar in Issue 01.

A photo posted by Pet People Magazine (@petpeoplemag) on

2. Gather Journal
This is unmistakably the feed of someone passionate about food! The Gather Journal Instagram feed is also the only one that made me laugh out loud. They avoid the cliché of the perfect food shot by mixing it all up with food related film stills, and they’re hilarious. Seinfeld, Full House, Twin Peaks… I can’t get enough!

gather journal

rip log lady. #davidlynch

A photo posted by gatherjournal (@gatherjournal) on

1. A New Type of Imprint
The creative lifestyle magazine A New Type Of Imprint does the best job of sharing photos from behind the scenes, while maintaining the impeccable style of the magazine. Their feed is filled with wall-hung spreads, proof reading set-ups, and adventures around Norway. Any print lover will especially appreciate their shots from the printers, including letterpress types, and an original embossing machine from 1850.

a new type of imprint

A furry second opinion. Billie at the office A photo posted by A New Type of Imprint (@anewtypeofimprint) on

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