Strange happiness in Perdiz magazine

by Steve Watson in September 2019
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Perdiz is one of my all-time favourite magazines. We’ve delivered it on Stack a couple of times, sold it in our shop and written absolutely loads about it, because it pulls off the neat trick of being totally accessible while also completely unfathomable. It focuses on the things that make people happy, and in doing so emphasises just how weird we all are – in the current issue, for example, there’s the man who lives as a goat, escaping from his normal life by climbing into a home-made goat machine and spending some quality time in a field.

It’s a bizarre story, and yet the genius of Perdiz is that while reading the piece you can totally see what he gets out of it. It may not leave you wanting to make your own goat machine, but you’ll definitely respond to this man’s extreme desire to achieve his own happiness. And of course the whole magazine, by focusing on happy things, has a lovely, inclusive sense of positivity to it.

This is the 10th issue of Perdiz and it has been completely redesigned by Querida Studio, and split into separate English and Spanish editions. (Until now the two languages have always been mixed together through the pages.) Take a look at the video above to see some of the stories in a bit more detail, and if you like that you see, head over to the Stack shop to pick up a copy for yourself.

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