Insider: Amuseum magazine

by Stine Fantoft Berg in October 2015
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Art & design

The new issue of Amuseum magazine is out now, packed with such delights as Mother Theresa in a cinnamon bun and the absurd history of the evil eye. We made it our Sampler offer last week and copies sold out in less than a day, so we thought we’d find out how editor and creative director Daniel Stafford goes about creating such a wantonly weird magazine that’s also a sell-out success.

The answers are, of course, a little odd.


In the making of this issue we…

Got sidetracked by
An entire archive of 1940s typography and early 20th-century men’s magazine design at The Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture.

IMG_0825 IMG_0760 IMG_0764

Kurt Vonnegut on a sun-lounger when we should have been designing.


The entire boxset of The X-Files.


Realised that
There’s a reason for the phrase “difficult second album”. But also a reason why second albums are often the best.


Worked from
The assumption that everyone is as interested in medieval torture devices as we are.


Went to
Great lengths to avoid repeating ourselves while also keeping a whiff of familiarity.

Wish that we had
Started commissioning content four weeks earlier.


Was relieved that
Things do eventually come together if you have faith / eat enough takeaway pizza.

Couldn’t stop laughing at
Google Translate.


And everyone should buy a copy because
We’ve commissioned even more original content and come up with even better puns than in issue one.



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