Love hurts

by Kitty Drake in November 2020
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Art & design

Sindroms is a magazine that bases every issue around a different colour. The cover-art is rather eerily reminiscent of disease, but the theme is green, “a colour that breathes life”, as the editors put it. “Evergreen” is a particular focus, with a spotlight on sustainable design — one of the central shoots is a series of still lives of different bits of green plastic.

The issue begins with a series of different reflections on life in general from contributors. These can come off a little trite: (“Are we leading selfish lives? Can a tree in a forest live only for itself?”/ “We should take each day as it comes” etc.) But the writing in this magazine is not really the appeal; it’s all about the photography. One of my favourite spreads features ten near-identical images of the same cactus. The page looks so fresh and shiny it makes you want to drink it. There is something luscious about holding a printed object in your hands that is entirely green.

My favourite photographs in the magazine offer a more playful interpretation of the theme, with pieces of “evergreen advice” baked into a series of different cakes. Below, we’ve photographed some of our favourite sweet things.

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